Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

On acknowledgement and support of street sports and promotion of urban culture


Modern urban culture and sports along with a variety of action sports are some of the largest and most rapidly growing subcultures in the world. More and more young people are getting involved with this lifestyle and all the activities it encompasses. Over the past few decades these “street sports” have become well recognized and respected by modern day society. As urban sports become more and more popular, countless local governments across the world face the necessity for appropriate urban sports infrastructure available for public use in the urban environment.


The purpose for the Memorandum of Understanding is to develop street sports worldwide as a social movement.

This purpose can be reached by:

  1. Uniting active street sports and culture organisers with shared values and common goals,
  2. Promotion of street sports and urban culture, including, distribution of information about street sports and culture activities among MOU participants,
  3. Promotion of street sports and urban culture as a platform for work with young people from various social backgrounds,
  4. Organization of international events (competitions, tournaments, workshops and other social events on a regional and national level, as well as meaningful events on a global scale,
  5. Organization of international seminars, conferences and/or any other educational programs in order to promote street sports and urban culture,
  6. Exchange of expertise and valuable knowledge among participating organizations on the subject of street sports and urban culture.


This MOU is not committed to any funds. Each MOU organization operates within their available resources.


This MOU shall become effective upon signature by the authorized officials from the MOU organizations and will remain in effect until modified or terminated by any one of the partners by mutual consent.

MOU Participants

Country represented by the participant Name of organisation Full name and surname of the representative
Belgium ASBL ZERO 2 HERO Mohamed Reda Bouâssab
Netherlands Stichting Urban Culture Lab Danijel Ribaric
Germany Panna Match Berlin GbR Artur Worozko
Croatia Malonogometni klub CERTISSA Rafael Spajic
France Sean Freestyle Streetstyle Samy Amanzougaren
Poland Street Games Grodzisk Mazowiecki Damian Kamil Gawrych
Estonia Estonian Street Sports federation Andrei Pekarski
Latvia STREETBASKET association Raimonds Elbakjans
Italy Da Move and Freestyle is cool association Lorenco Pinciroli
Ukraine NGO Atreet Culture Egor Matiukhin
Kazahstan Doma Doma association Samson Arakelyan
Denmark Copenhagen Panna House Kritoffer Licht
Hungary Cageball-Ketrecfoci Teremlabdarugo Sport Kor Zoltan Wenglarz
Czech Republic WFFA Lucas Skoda