Welcome to the Ghetto Football Euro Tour 2023

Ghetto Football Euro Tour 2023—a thrilling series of street football 3v3 tournaments sweeping across Europe where anyone can become a part of. This project rekindles the raw spirit of the game, bringing together vast number of teams from different countries to compete for European champions title. With a focus on camaraderie and skill, this movement celebrates the essence of football, uniting communities and transcending boundaries. Join us in embracing the joy and passion of street football as Ghetto Football Euro Tour 2023 turns ordinary streets into electrifying arenas of competition and connection.

Tour dates:

INFOAugust 26 - Brussels, Belgium

INFOAugust 27 - Rotterdam, Netherlands

INFOSeptember 2 - Copenhagen, Denmark

INFOSeptember 3 - Malmo, Sweden

INFOSeptember 9 - Hamburg, Germany

INFOSeptember 13 - Berlin, Germany

INFOSeptember 15 - Munich, Germany

INFOSeptember 17 - Salzburg, Austria

INFOSeptember 20 - Budapest, Hungary

INFOSeptember 23 - Dakovo, Croatia

Ghetto Football is a street football project that has been running for 13 years in Latvia and has now expanded to cover all of Europe. The project aims to bring together players from diverse backgrounds and provide a platform for them to come together, create opportunities, and play the beautiful game.

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     Ghetto Games founder:
     Raimonds Elbakjans 
     +371 28844828

     Co-founder and general info:
     Sanda Gertnere 
     +371 29837235

     Co-founder and project manager:
     Antons Semeņaks 
     +371 25233156