Experts from more than 10 countries to speak at conference on the impact of street sports on fashion, sport, technology

On 13th December 2023, leading street sports and culture experts from around the world will gather at the Apollo Kino Akropole Riga to talk about current issues and challenges at the Medicines for Worlds Ghetto's conference. This is the 7th international conference organized by Ghetto Games. Participation is free, but places are limited.

This year's conference will address both the transformative power of street sports in communities around the world and whether sports betting can be combined with youth and healthy lifestyle projects. The conference will bring together experts from 10 countries including Colombia, Austria, Denmark, Lithuania, Greece, the Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Spain, and Ukraine.

Main conference themes

  1. Medicines for disadvantaged neighborhoods: global examples of how street sport has contributed to positive social change in society;

  2. Sports betting and youth projects: the potential role of sports betting companies in supporting youth initiatives - for or against?

  3. Street sports and technology: the role of technology in sporting performance - just a design element or a tool to attract new participants and better results?

  4. Fashion and art: how and why street sport is trendsetting and what is the future?

  5. The law of inexhaustible energy of street sport: will street sport save professional sports leagues?

Sanda Gertnere, the conference organizer, emphasizes that the event will be of interest to municipalities and sports event organizers, as well as young people themselves, influencers, teachers, and parents. Surveys show that more than half of the population in Latvia participates in sport 1-2 times a week, but as young people get older, their participation decreases. "It is important to encourage young people to take part in sporting activities, not only to achieve high sporting results. Street sport and culture is a platform to express talents, network, and develop projects as a game - it is exciting and engaging. The Ghetto Games are proof that this method works to keep young people on the move in the long term. But there are more and more examples like this, and we will hear about them at the conference!" says S. Gertner.


The conference will bring together 11 speakers from 11 countries who will share their experiences, challenges, and keys to success. The international event is the largest platform for experience and inspiration in Europe, with particular relevance for local authorities, policy makers, event organizers, and young people planning a career in event organization.

Registration is open until 1 December 2023 at

Free to attend.

Conference language - English.

The conference is implemented within the framework of the National Youth Policy Programme 2023-2025 of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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