Ghetto Football Eurotour 2023: A Halfway Through Europe's Streets

September 12, 2023 - The Ghetto Football Eurotour 2023 has been lighting up the streets of Europe since its kickoff on August 26 in Brussels, Belgium. This unique 3v3 street football tournament is showcasing raw talent and a passion for the beautiful game in some of Europe's most vibrant cities.

The tour has taken us through four countries so far, and the energy and enthusiasm from the players and fans have been nothing short of remarkable. Here's a recap of our journey to date:

  • August 26 - Brussels, Belgium: The tour kicked off with a bang in Brussels, where local teams displayed their skills on the streets. Congratulations to winners “Joga 3”: George Ntiamoah, Bilal Boughrad, Qoli Yassine, El Marnissi Saif-Eisisine. Runners-up “Witches” and third place “FC Street” also got invitations to final tournament in Riga, Latvia

  • August 27 - Rotterdam, Netherlands: The Dutch leg of the tour saw intense competition and a display of incredible skills. Winners “Team Touba”: Ilyas Touba, Yachou Amine, Mohamed El Amri. Teams “Ara Cora” and “Antwerp” got second and third places.

  • September 2 - Copenhagen, Denmark: The Danish and Panna capital welcomed us with open arms as the local teams battled it out for supremacy. Local legends “Awabs Naese” won main title: Ahmad Al Hardan, Annas Al Hardan,Matin Al Atlassi, Awab Salame. Congratulations “Speedy” and “Young Ballers” for getting silver and bronze of competition.

  • September 9 - Hamburg, Germany: The tour continued to captivate audiences in Germany, with Hamburg's urban backdrop serving as the perfect setting for a football showdown. Top 4 teams were from 4 different countries and winners for the third time during this tour is team from Belgium “Dream Team”: George Ntiamoah, Clement Nganguer, Ilyas Freestyle. “Team Fiend” (Ukraine/USA) and Bambis (Germany) got second and third places.

The latest stop on the tour - September 13, Berlin, Germany, will be abuzz with excitement as teams will compete fiercely in hopes of securing a spots in the finals.

While we've already covered significant ground, there's still much more to come with next tour stops in Munich (Germany), Salzburg (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Dakovo (Croatia) and Rome (Italy). The grand finale of the Ghetto Football Eurotour 2023 is set to take place in Latvia, with Riga playing host to the top teams from the tour. These teams will battle for a share of the impressive €10,000 prize pool, a testament to the growing popularity of street football.

Furthermore, the three best teams from the entire tour will receive special invitations to the tournament in Riga, Latvia, scheduled for May 15, 2024. This event promises to be a showcase of street football talent from across Europe, drawing both players and fans alike.

Ghetto Football Eurotour 2023 is not only about competition but also about fostering a sense of unity and passion for football among communities across Europe. We look forward to the remaining stops on the tour and witnessing more extraordinary displays of talent. Ghetto Football Eurotour 2023 is happening in cooperation with LALIGA.

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