Ghetto Football’s collaboration with World Freestyle Football Association

Both parties have come to an agreement to collaborate during the Euro League by implementing freestyle football events in the events of Euro League. Ghetto Football is the main organiser of the 3v3 street football event “Ghetto Football Euro League” which will be held in 11 countries during this spring/summer period. And World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) is the main organiser of the freestyle football events all around the world.

It’s planned to make local freestyle events in order to locate new freestyle talents who will have the opportunity to show themselves! Also it is a good way to popularise both football subcultures at the same time in one place!

There are countries where 3v3 football is more dominant and other countries where freestyle football is more developed, so this collaboration should benefit both sports and popularise them in those countries where these sports are not that well established. We are hoping to increase the attractiveness of street football and freestyle football in the whole Europe! We are also hoping that these freestyle football events will encourage more people from Latvia to try it out and join the freestyle football community, as at the moment in Latvia it’s underdeveloped.

We contacted the Executive director of WFFA and our partner Lukáš Škoda (Lucaso) and asked his thoughts about the Euro League and this collaboration with WFFA. Here’s his comment:

“Basically I expect that finally after 2 years from the first idea of the Euro League we will finally boost the Street Soccer scene in Europe as it deserves. Giving new opportunities to sportsmen to prove that street sports are part of the culture in all countries. I especially appreciate the opportunity for WFFA to connect these events with interest from our Country Leaders and create space for Freestyle Football events to flourish in multiple countries. It is a great year for street sport culture.”

This year's grandest event of street football in Europe "GHETTO FOOTBALL EURO LEAGUE 2022". Eleven unique tournaments, eleven countries of Europe with thousands of talented street footballers and prize pool of 10 000 EUR.

Full schedule:
April 16 - Rome;
April 20 - Dakovo;
April 23 - Budapest;
April 30 - Prague;
May 4 - Brussels;
May 7 - Amsterdam;
May 11 - Copenhagen;
May 14 - Berlin;
May 18 - Warsaw;
May 21 - Vilnius;
June 8 - in Riga with "GHETTO FOOTBALL EURO LEAGUE 2022" final.

More information coming soon.