In the "Ghetto Football Euroleague" stage in Prague, football players from Latvia are crowned 3v3 champions

On April 30, the 4th stage of the international street football league "Ghetto Football Euroleague" was held in Prague, where Latvians were crowned champions in the 3v3 football tournament. The next stage of the Euroleague is already tomorrow - May 4, in Brussels, Belgium.

The "Crème de la crème” of each tournament is the final game of the 3v3 street football tournament, in which Latvia won its first ticket to the grand final in Riga on June 8. It must be said that this team is also the youngest team that has won a ticket to the grand final so far! The legendary team from Grīziņkalns (a suburb in Riga) "Who is Janka?" also took part in the tournament, who unfortunately fell out in the ¼ finals.

The mission of Ghetto Football Euroleague is to develop 3vs3 street football. As part of the Euroleague, the winning team in the big group can win a ticket to the grand final in Riga in 10 different European countries! In parallel with this, Ghetto Football Euroleague also holds tournaments in panna, freestyle disciplines, as well as 3vs3 football in the girls' group.

One of the standout winners in the freestyle championship of the Prague tournament is definitely Philip Warren Gertsson, who is a Sweden-based, Norwegian-Philippine street soccer freestyle player. Around him, he gathers hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks, creating daily content with street football maneuvers and tricks. "This tournament is great, I already want to go again and experience these emotions, the opponents will also become stronger in the tournaments, it's great!" That's what Philip says after the victory in the final

Winners of the Prague "Ghetto Football Euroleague"

Thanks to the only ladies team “Pinkbull

Budapest Ghetto Football Euro League individual competition winners:

  • "Panna 1v1" - David Kozdas (Czech Republic)
  • Soccer Freestyle - Philip Warren Gertsson (Norway)

16+ age group:

  1. "Primati" (Latvia)
  2. FC Sachtar Dojezd (Czech Republic)
  3. Cageball Warriors (Hungary)

Remaining Ghetto Football Euro League events: 4 May - Belgium, Brussels, 7 May - Netherlands, Amsterdam, 11 May - Denmark, Copenhagen, 14 May - Germany, Berlin, 18 May - Poland, Warsaw, 21 May - Lithuania, Vilnius, June 8 - Latvia, Riga, "Ghetto Football Euroleague" Superfinal.

"Ghetto Football Euro League" is eleven unique 3v3 street football tournaments in eleven European countries with thousands of talented street football players and a total prize pool of 10,000 EUR. Football Euroleague takes place in eleven countries - Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and will end with the most important event of the competition, the final, in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on June 8, where the best European 3-on-3 street football teams will fight.

In the organization of the Prague event, "Ghetto Games" thanks the cooperation partners of the event Lukaso, cooperation partners "Dzintars", "Rāmkalni", "LaLiga", "Ghetto Games Shop". The project is co-financed by the European Union program "Erasmus+: Sports".