LALIGA and Ghetto Games joining forces again for develpoment of street football

          LALIGA and the largest street football movement in Latvia, Ghetto Football, are joining forces for the second year in a row to continue a unique project - street football 3 versus 3 tournaments across Europe. The goal of the tournaments is to promote and raise awareness of the sport, making it more accessible to all.

          Alongside other tour activities, LALIGA will host a unique Subsoccer tournament at all stops, contributing to an all-European ranking. A special surprise awaits event visitors and fans – during the tour, there will be an opportunity to win a trip to watch LALIGA matches live in Spain.

          Ghetto Football Eurotour 2023 is a 3v3 street football tournament taking place in 11 different European cities, spanning 9 countries and featuring thousands of skilled and talented players:


Tour dates:

  • August 26 - Brussels, Belgium
  • August 27 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • September 2 - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • September 3 - Malmo, Sweden
  • September 9 - Hamburg, Germany
  • September 11 - Berlin, Germany
  • September 13 - Munich, Germany
  • September 16 - Salzburg, Austria
  • September 20 - Budapest, Hungary
  • September 23 - Dakovo, Croatia
  • September 29 - Rome, Italy

          The top 3 teams from each stop will receive an invitation to the special final tournament in Riga on May 15, 2024.

          Gary Udhwani, LALIGA Europe Regional Manager stated, "We are very happy to collaborate another year with a key organization for youth football development as Ghetto Football is. We are very proud of LALIGA values that are print in grassroots football and Ghetto Football is a unique partner that not only shares them, but also takes them a step further with its initiatives."

          The collaboration between LALIGA and Ghetto Football for the second consecutive year underscores their commitment to advancing street football and promoting its accessibility across Europe. By uniting sport enthusiasts and nurturing emerging talents, this partnership not only enhances the excitement of 3v3 tournaments but also enriches the overall landscape of football. As the Eurotour 2023 unfolds, bringing together diverse cities and players, the shared passion for the sport propels us toward a future where football continues to unite and inspire.