Over the course of one week, Ghetto Football, with a large number of teams, visited the capital city of panna Copenhagen and vibrant Berlin

"Capital of panna - Copenhagen”, this combination of words may seem like an unforgettable sudoku combination! But in fact it is quite simple! One pitch where the game is 1v1 with the task of kicking the ball through the other person's legs. It's called a panna in street football. The place where "Ghetto Football" had its seventh stop within the Euroleague does not require any unnecessary comments about itself - the home location of "Panna House", Copenhagen.

"Despite all the obstacles with the truck, with the unexpected, late arrival to the venue, Ghetto Games were finally in Copenhagen. I am very happy for this cooperation, for the fact that we did such a powerful event together. It was interesting to see how the Latvian team played with the locals. I'm sorry I don't have a team like Ghetto Football, please take me with you!” Christopher Licht, the creator and creator of Panna House street football, says about the tournament.

"Ghetto Football" had its first Euroleague tournament on April 16, in Rome. Currently, 13 teams are already known, which will go to the grand final in Riga on June 8!

During the same week, another tournament was experienced, perhaps in the most colorful of pitches so far, visiting our Euroleague correspondent, street footballer Ahmed Rakaba, in Berlin. "I'm very happy that Ghetto Football is finally in my city, finally our players have a chance to see what this commune does and it's not just street football!"

As part of the tournament, three Latvian teams also participated in the Berlin tournament: "4F Strike", "Amateurs" and "Primates", who have already won a place in the grand final. On the other hand, in this tournament, the "Amateurs" team was so short of getting a ticket, the team remained in 2nd place, losing in the final to a team from Norway.

Winners of the Danish Ghetto Football Euro League:

16+ age group:
1. Pannahouse (Denmark)
2. Madr (Sweden)
3./4. Awabs NÆSE / North Africa (Denmark)

Freestyle Champion: JOJJE
Ladies Group Winners: The Vibess


Winners of the German Ghetto Football Euro League:

16+ age group:
1. Off-Pitch FC (Norway)

2. Amatieri (Latvia)
3. Balkan Mix (Germany)

Panna: Ismail Zadie

Remaining Ghetto Football Euro League events: May 11 - Denmark, Copenhagen, May 14 - Germany, Berlin, May 18 - Poland, Warsaw, May 21 - Lithuania, Vilnius, June 8 - Latvia, Riga, " Ghetto Football Euroleague” super final.

Ghetto Football Euro League" is eleven unique 3v3 street football tournaments in eleven European countries with thousands of talented street football players and a total prize pool of 10,000 EUR. Football Euroleague takes place in eleven countries - Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and will end with the most important event of the competition, the final, in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on June 8, where the best European 3v3 street football teams will fight.

In the organization of the Denmark and Germany event, "Ghetto Games" thanks the cooperation partners of the events Pannahouse, Ahmed Rakaba and adidas, cooperation partners "Dzintars", "Rāmkalni", "LaLiga", "Ghetto Games Shop". The project is co-financed by the European Union program "Erasmus+: Sports".