The best street footballers in Europe will gather tomorrow in the Euroleague Superfinal in Grīziņkalns

After a two-year pandemic break, after a long wait to start a street football tournament that would unite all players, "Ghetto Football" finally started the long-awaited path and the new challenge - Ghetto Football Euroleague this spring! On April 16, the first Ghetto Football Euroleague tournament started in a significant place - Rome! The Colosseum, just like in Grizinkalns, the warm sun and more than 2000 spectators in the first tournament gave the energy to start the tour.

A total of ten tournaments were played in the Euroleague tour: in Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland and Lithuania. And the grand final will take place tomorrow, June 8, in Riga, Grizinkalns! The best twenty European street football teams will fight for the championship title of the first Euroleague season and the prize pool of 10,000 EUR. 13 countries will be represented in the final tournament including Latvian teams.

Twenty of the best European 16+ group teams and eight ladies' teams will fight in the Grizinkalns Colosseum, where the first champions of the season will be determined. Surprises, shows and contests are expected in the tournament for everyone. The tournament starts at 16:00, but the grand opening at 19:00.

On Monday night, a draw was made to find out which groups each team would play in. The draw was made live on Instagram, conducted by Euroleague and Ghetto Football leader Antons Semenaks and Ghetto Games leader Raimonds Elbakjans.

16+ Male Groups:

Group A
"Yoga 3" (Belgium)
"Dima Maghreb" (Netherlands)
"FK Navigatorukai" (Lithuania)
"FC Sachtar Dojezd" (Czech Republic)
"Baldezhniki" (Latvia)

Group B
"D'N'D'D" (Croatia)
"Strazbone // Off-Pitch FC" (Norway)
"Street Monsters" (Europe)
"Primati" (Latvia)
"Snowkids" (Latvia)

Group C
"Pannahouse" (Denmark)
"Players Home" (Netherlands)
"Wenecja Pultusk" (Poland)
"Varakļāni" (Latvia)
"Amatieri" (Latvia) 

Group D
"Chicago" (Hungary)
"Balkan Mix" (Germany)
"Gladiators Rome" (Italy)
"TGK" (Latvia)
"4F Strike" (Latvia)


Ladies groups:

Group A
"Yostreetzone" (United Kingdom)
"Lajharok" (Hungary)
"Cageball D.E.S.T" (Hungary)
"What's Easy" (Latvia) 

Group B
"Pinkbull" (Hungary)
"The Vibess" (Hungary)
"The lung does not hold" (Latvia)
"Rīgas Tjolkas" (Latvia) 

"Ghetto Games" will tell cooperation partners of the event in each country and cooperation partners "Dzintars", "Rāmkalni", "LaLiga", "Ghetto Games Shop". Many thanks also to Ghetto Games media informative platform and radio EHR.

The project is co-financed by the European Union program "Erasmus+: Sports".