The Ghetto Football World Cup 2023 finals will take place on 16-17 June in Riga


Qualifying matches took place in more than ten European countries and many cities in Japan and North America. Teams from 35 countries received tickets to the World Cup finals. Latvia will be represented in the finals by the "Amatieri" and "Balderzhniki" teams from Riga, as well as "Snowkids" from Daugavpils. The total prize fund is EUR 6000.

"We are thrilled that last year's project has exceeded European borders. Already today we are actively cooperating with football organizations from Japan, South Korea, Australia, Malaysia, the USA, Brazil, Ghana, and more than 30 countries around the world. Our goal is to join forces and create the best cultural platform for street football in the world," says Anton Semenak, leader of Ghetto Football.

Already qualified/accepted teams:

  • Amatieri, Latvia
  • Joga 3, Belgium
  • Street Japan, Japan
  • KEEP IT STREET, Malaysia
  • Street Korea, South Korea
  • Brazil, Brazil
  • Pannahouse, Denmark
  • Grenoble Narvalo, France
  • International FC, England
  • Georgia, Georgia
  • Street India, India
  • Underground, Netherlands
  • Cageball Team, Hungary
  • Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
  • TETIRVINAI, Lithuania
  • Geuzenveld, Netherlands
  • Baldezhniki, Latvia
  • Snowkids*, Latvia
  • NEED 4 STREET, Austria