Under the bridge, Ghetto Football visits the capital of street football in Amsterdam

Until now, Griziņkalns has been the home of street football in Latvia, but to turn it into the capital of street football, a lot of work needs to be invested! Already the sixth tournament this weekend, as part of the Euroleague, was organized by the Ghetto Football team in Amsterdam!

An event under the bridge, graffiti drawings everywhere, a location developed by street football and one of the strongest players met in the sixth Euroleague tournament to fight for tickets to the grand final in Riga, which all spectators and fans will be able to attend on June 8, in Grīziņkalns!

It's nothing new in Amsterdam, but it's definitely new for street football. Street football is the biggest fast growing sport in the world and Ghetto Games brings all these people, players together. Until now, freestyle and panna have been separate, each on its own, but Ghetto Football Euroleague brings them together, it's great! It's historic!” This is what the godfather of street football Edward Van Gils says about the tournament in Amsterdam.

The regular tournament was complemented by the panna championship and football freestyle, where the winner gets a ticket to the grand final in Ventspils! Bodhi Bos from the Netherlands, who has been practicing freestyle for six years, won the football freestyle competition in a fierce battle. "I really like the atmosphere of Ghetto Football events. I always warm up too much before the tournament, but maybe that is the key to my success. I can't wait to meet the best freestylers in one place, see you in Latvia!"

In the regular 3v3 tournament, the winners of the tournament attracted memorable attention, showing special emotions in the semifinals of the tournament. The winners of the final are the team from Belgium, who won 3rd place in the previous tournament, so they went to Amsterdam to fight again for a ticket to the grand final, which they succeeded in doing. The final game was very strong and enjoyable for every spectator.

Winners of the individual competitions of the Dutch "Ghetto Football Euro League":
"Panna 1v1" - Ilias Touba, Belgium
"Football Freestyle" - Bodhi Bos, Netherlands

16+ age group:
1. "Dima Maghreb", Belgium

2. "Players home", Netherlands
3. "Streetkings", Netherlands

1. "Team ELJACKSON JR.", The Netherlands

Remaining Ghetto Football Euro League events: May 11 - Denmark, Copenhagen, May 14 - Germany, Berlin, May 18 - Poland, Warsaw, May 21 - Lithuania, Vilnius, June 8 - Latvia, Riga, " Ghetto Football Euroleague” super final.

Ghetto Football Euro League" is eleven unique 3v3 street football tournaments in eleven European countries with thousands of talented street football players and a total prize pool of 10,000 EUR. Football Euroleague takes place in eleven countries - Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and will end with the most important event of the competition, the final, in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on June 8, where the best European 3v3 street football teams will fight.

In the organization of the Netherlands event, "Ghetto Games" thanks the cooperation partners of the event Edward Van Gils, cooperation partners "Dzintars", "Rāmkalni", "LaLiga", "Ghetto Games Shop". The project is co-financed by the European Union program "Erasmus+: Sports".