DGI Street sports

Get support as a community, association, municipality or organization to exploit the great potential in street sports-
Sports at street level.
Although this sports culture is relatively new and takes place in a different space and environment than traditional sports, it nevertheless contains elements such as committed community, democratic involvement and voluntariness.

At the same time, street sports also have a strong dedication, entrepreneurial spirit and do-it-your-self approach.

Who does DGI Street Sports approach?

DGI works to strengthen the communities in street sports based on its core competencies.
This means that we would like to enter into a collaboration to support, organize, develop and consolidate associations and communities.
It can be a collaboration with you, as part of a community, association, city, municipality or organization.

What can DGI Street Sports offer?

Regardless of where street sports play out, it is wise to consider volunteering in urban planning, inclusion, health, education, creative thinking and general community engagement.
And we are a volunteer at DGI. We also like to help train leaders, coaches and volunteers in street sports.
Are you looking for an active and experienced bridge builder between street and system? Then we are also a strong partner who has a good network.

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