Pannahouse is a cultural movement inspired by street soccer. We are a professional street soccer team, a street soccer inspired brand but first and foremost a family. We aspire to grow our culture and community through collective measures.

It all started back in 2012 when 3 unlikely friends joined together through their passion of street football and created the organisation Copenhagen Panna House. It was with the ambition to create a framework, which feeds involvement, leadership and responsibility within urban youth cultures in Copenhagen.

The movement had an unpredicted affect on the global street football community. While building the foundation for the next generation in Denmark, Copenhagen Panna House simultaneously became champions across all disciplines gaining respect on a global level. Pannahouse became pseudonymous with street culture and players all around the world started to connect around the idea of all players being under one roof - growing together.

Over the years Pannahouse has distributed the worlds skills on Instagram, produced free online tutorials on YouTube, arranged the world championships in panna all with the same goal in mind - growing the sport.

Finally, supporters all around the world can now rep the colours of the streets and show support to the community! By doing so you will invest in the sport as funds will go towards building the scene with initiatives such as Pannahouse Invitationals.

So what are you waiting for, join the street family!!
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