World Freestyle Football Association

Czech Republic

The World Freestyle Football Association is world governing body for the sport of freestyle football. It is committed to growing awareness of and participation in freestyle football worldwide.
Anyone can get into freestyle football – all you need is a ball! It is the art and sport of juggling a football using all parts of the body to entertain audiences and outperform opponents in competitions. It is a fusion of tricks with a ball, dance and music.
The Association owns the World Freestyle Football Championships and have created a rankings system and support structure that allows anyone to pick up a ball and not only enjoy the sport, but also develop their own pathway to becoming a professional.

WFFA is led by 4 main people:
Lukas Skoda (Czech Republic) - Operations Manager
+420 775 210 889,

Steve Elias (Canada) - Executive Director
Daniel Wood (UK) - Partnership Manager
Daniel Rooseboom de Vries (Netherlands) - Social Media Manager
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