Ghetto Football World Cup 2023

Ghetto Football World Cup 2023 is a street football tournament played in a 3 versus 3 format. The tournament will take place on June 16-17 in Riga, Grizinkalns. Matches are played on a 15x10m street football court with boards, using fair play and respect as main principles. The tournament allows no goalkeepers, with each team consisting of three players and one substitution. Games are played for 6 minutes without any stopping. 


The event will feature group stages on June 16 and playoffs and finals on June 17. There are three ways to qualify for the World Cup 2023: national qualification tournament, selection by country leader, or invitation from the Ghetto Football organizers team. Each country can have a maximum of three slots per gender.

Already qualified/accepted teams:

  • Amatieri, Latvia
  • Joga 3, Belgium
  • Street Japan, Japan
  • KEEP IT STREET, Malaysia
  • Street Korea, South Korea
  • Brazil, Brazil
  • Pannahouse, Denmark
  • Grenoble Narvalo, France
  • International FC, England
  • Georgia, Georgia
  • Street India, India
  • Underground, Netherlands
  • Cageball Team, Hungary
  • Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
  • TETIRVINAI, Lithuania
  • Geuzenveld, Netherlands
  • Baldezhniki, Latvia
  • Snowkids*, Latvia
  • NEED 4 STREET, Austria


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Co-founder and project manager:
Antons Semeņaks

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Ghetto Games founder:
Raimonds Elbakjans 

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Co-founder and general info:
Sanda Gertnere                                

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