From the Streets to the World: Ghetto Football World Cup 2023 is Changing The Future of Football

The biggest 3v3 street football tournament in the world “Ghetto Football World Cup 2023” will take place on June 16-17 in Riga, Latvia. The event is open to men and women aged 16 or older, born in 2007 or earlier. The tournament will feature group stages on June 16 and playoffs and finals on June 17. There are three ways to qualify for the World Cup 2023: national qualification tournament, selection by country leader, or invitation from the Ghetto Football organisers team. Each country can have a maximum of three slots per gender.

Ghetto Football has been organising 3v3 tournaments since 2011 and it became a huge success in Latvia through the years hosting more than 250 tournaments in different cities. 2022 became the year of European breakthrough organising “Ghetto Football Euro League 2022” - international league in 3v3 football in 11 countries with 11 partners. Success of the project shaped creation of wider project with new possibilities for everyone “Ghetto Football World Cup 2023”

Organised by Ghetto Football, the tournament features a 3 versus 3 format played on a 15x10m street football court with boards. The event is designed to promote fair play and respect as the main principles of the game. 

The tournament allows no goalkeepers, with each team consisting of three players and one substitution. Games are played for 6 minutes without any stopping, and the winner is decided by the number of goals scored from the attacking half of the court. The tournament also has strict rules about fouls and disqualifications, ensuring that the games are played with integrity.

"We're thrilled to bring the Ghetto Football World Cup 2023 for the first time to the streets of Riga," said Antons Semenaks, project leader of Ghetto Football. "This is the ultimate street football experience, and we can't wait to see some of the best players from around the world come together and compete for the first legitimate title and cash prize".

The Ghetto Football World Cup 2023 promises to be an exciting event for both players and spectators, showcasing the best of street football and the show. For more information on the tournament, visit the Ghetto Football website.